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About Us

Helping SMEs improve Cyber Security

OpaCyber Security specialises in providing cyber security services to SMEs across Ireland and the UK.

We observe, protect, and advise our clients to help keep their business safe and secure.





  • Deploy and monitor Spam Filtering.

  • Monitor Exchange & Defender.

  • Verify/correct outbound email DNS & Monitor delivery reports.

  • Scan Cloud, Network & Wireless Configurations for Vulnerabilities.

  • Deploy & Monitor EDR/MDR Protection.

  • Monitor the Dark Web for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) about your business.

  • Monitor Cyber Threat Intelligence for potential threats to your business.

  • Protect against malicious email content.

  • Protect against network, cloud & wireless intrusions.

  • Train staff against bad-actors methods, to protect the business being compromised.

  • Implement & monitor correct DNS records to protect against email spoofing.

  • Implement Security Controls.

  • Advise on implementations to mitigate against vulnerabilities to applications & services based on Cyber Threat Intel.

  • Advise on Best Practices to secure infrastructure & cloud.

  • Advise on creating & testing Incident Response / Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Advise on mitigations against threats to the business found on the Dark Web.

  • Carry out Security Audit of business and Advise on remediations / improvements.

M.T., Operations Director, Process Equipment & Engineering Solutions

"We have used OpaCyber’s Security Awareness Training-as-a-Service to train & test our staff for a number of years. The resulting improvements in our Security Awareness have been significant and we feel more confident and prepared to deal with the ever-present risks from malicious parties"


Based in Cork, Ireland, supporting clients across Ireland and the UK.

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