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Data breach and it's a BIG one

and the winner is...

TICKETMASTER! Ever heard of that organisation? This could very well affect YOU

I've sat on this one for over a week as it's taken some time to see some clarity about it, what with all the he said / she said and all the "it was their fault. Oh no it wasn't, it was their fault", etc

Whatever about however it happened and whomever was responsible Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster, has confirmed that the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers, the last four digits of card numbers and expiry dates, ticketing order details and more of 560 MILLION customers has been exfiltrated (and is up for sale on the Dark Web)

Too late to do anything about your data if it's included but here's a few tips on what to do going forward with online transactions:

1️⃣ NEVER use a debit card for online transactions if you can possibly avoid doing so. It's like cash, once it's gone it's gone. Whether you would be reimbursed by your bank is entirely up the them

2️⃣ Use a credit card or Paypal for online transactions. Both the card issuers and Paypal are far more likely to reimburse you for fraudulent transactions and have highly-capable cyber security investigators

3️⃣ Better still, use a one-time credit card number. In UK&I there are services such as Revolut which offer such a thing (there's something similar in the US but the name of it escapes me just at the moment 🤦‍♂️)

4️⃣ If you have been a Ticketmaster customer in the past you might consider revoking the card you used and having a new one issued

Also, be on the lookout for any of the following:

1️⃣ Weird transactions on your debit/credit card that you don't recognise. It would be worth checking your transactions daily for the next while

2️⃣ Any emails that mention the last four digits of a card BUT NOT JUST from someone pretending to be Ticketmaster. You are far more likely to be put off your guard if "An Post/DHL/Amazon" mention the numbers in a phishing email

3️⃣ SMS or voice-based phishing doing the same. If you receive a call from "your bank/credit card issuer" politely hang up and call the number on the back of the card or that is on any recent statements you have for that card

Stay safe out there!


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