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6 Cybersecurity Challenges Small Businesses Face

Once upon a time small businesses didn’t have to worry as much about cyberattacks. Those days are over. Today, small businesses have a target on their back if they don’t take cybersecurity seriously. All it takes is one weak link for a cybercriminal to wreak havoc on your business, affecting your livelihood and the fate of your customers and business partners

Just the headlines and there's a link below to the full article from CompTIA:

1️⃣ Not All Small Businesses Understand What Cybersecurity Really Means

2️⃣ Many Small Businesses Think They Are Immune to Bad Actors

3️⃣ Most Small Businesses Don’t Have Cyber Pros on Their Team

4️⃣ Cybercrime Is Becoming a Bigger Business

5️⃣ Cybersecurity Skills Are Constantly Evolving

6️⃣ Small Businesses Think What They Are Doing Is Good Enough

If you think any of the above affect you or your organisation and want to do something about it, reach out for a chat

Alternatively you can be like Ollie the Ostrich below

Link to the full article:


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