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Are you part of the problem?

Is your email security Sucky McSuckMail?

A joint bulletin published by the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of State warned of DPRK (North Korean) attempts to send emails in a manner that makes them appear like they are from legitimate and trusted parties

This is allowing the DPRK to gaining illicit access to targets' private documents, research, and communications

The way this is possible is because the organisations the threat actor group (Kimsuky, aka APT43, Emerald Sleet, TA427) are impersonating have failed to implement proper email security, in particular Dmarc

Tut, tut we all say, but how about your organisation? Your email security in terms of Dmarc sucks to be quite blunt about it*

The email problem, including spam and phishing, will never be solved until we achieve Herd Immunity. You may remember that term from a certain global event that occurred in 2020

Are you doing your bit to protect others but AS IMPORTANTLY your own organisation?

Do you know? (you don't know. Probably). Thank you for your concern, but all my email accounts' DNS are fine as are all of my clients

If you want a quick traffic light test (explained below) let me know. It takes 7.3682 seconds to perform (approximately)

*I have a 75% chance of this opinion being true. Having seen enough emails that are incorrectly configured to last several lifetimes, to use the traffic light system: 25% are green (perfect); 25% amber (not quite correct); and 50% red (Sucky McSuckMail)


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