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aaaaand the results are in..

Handy tip: watch out for phishing emails "from" these senders as Bad Actors WILL use them (as will I, but not for malicious purposes 😉)

The results for the top phishing domains for Q1 2024 as recorded by Check Point

No real surprises in the top 5. Most of those are there each time but sometimes in a different order. Microsoft is often the number 1 though (good to see it's #1 at something 🤣):

1 Microsoft (38%)

2 Google (11%)

3 LinkedIn (11%)

4 Apple (5%)

5 DHL (5%)

A couple of new entries in the next 5 though: Roblox (? isn't that some type of game?) and Airbnb

6 Amazon (3%)

7 Facebook (2%)

8 Roblox (2%)

9 Wells Fargo (2%)

10 Airbnb (1%)

(Link to the original article)


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