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Security Awareness Training Needs to Change. Here’s Why!

There’s some worrying statistics in this report:

  • 84% of organisations in a recent Proofpoint survey reporting that they had at least one successful email-based phishing attack against them last year

  • Attackers are spoofing trusted brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, DocuSign, Google and others that provide widely used enterprise tools. Over 30 million messages used Microsoft branding or featured a Microsoft product such as Office or OneDrive

  • Just 40% of users know what ransomware is

  • Just 58% of users know what phishing is, and even lower amounts of users can identity phishing emails

  • Just 70% of organisations say they conduct formal training, and less than 55% make their security awareness training available to every user

  • Users still struggle to spot phishing emails with 21% saying they don’t know that an email can appear to be from someone other than the sender

  • 44% say they don’t know that a familiar brand doesn’t mean the email is safe

  • 63% say they don’t know that an email link text might not match the website it goes to

If you need help with your Cyber Security Training, drop up a message, we will be happy to go through your requirements.

Data from Proofpoint via My Tech Decisions. Full article here:


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