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If you only rely on MS Defender to stop malicious emails, you (it) might be missing out

We’ll show you this but the main point is that this email was let through to an inbox whereas the same sender, with the same links, was blocked 30m later

We’re all for learning from your mistakes but we see this too often with Defender where it is the only email security solution used. e.g. Thirty get blocked, but it’s already let eight through 🤦‍♂️

According to people who spend far more time researching this than we do, the inbuilt security in MS365 and Google Workspace is about 85% effective. Some have Google better than Microsoft but that’s not our own experience

Regardless, are you OK with potentially 1 in 6/7/8 malicious emails reaching inboxes?

You might want to consider additional email-security filtering

So, the email:

  1. Branding is pretty good 👍

  2. The “from” is pretty poor. No effort whatsoever to impersonate Microsoft or the recipient’s domain, so should be easy to spot IF YOU KNOW TO LOOK AT THE REAL SENDER and not just the display name (in this case “Technical Support”) 👎🤦‍♂️

  3. The link, which we don’t show, goes somewhere completely random so should be easy to spot IF YOU KNOW TO HOVER before clicking 👎

If your business needs help with your cyber security - we are here to help!! Contact us and we can discuss your options, from security set up/monitoring to staff security training (always remember you and your employees are the last line in defence!!)


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