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Cyber Security Incidents Updates wk21

Here’s your Cyber Security Incidents Update for wk21 2024

(a once-a-week on Monday glimpse into just a fraction of the Cyber Security events of the previous week to inform regarding the depth and breadth of the incidents world-wide)


⦿ Cencora, Pennsylvania, USA; a partner to pharmaceutical companies and other providers to facilitate access to prescribed therapies through drug distribution, patient support and services. Some of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the United States attributed data exposure to an incident at Cencora in February, including: Novartis, Bayer, AbbVie, Regeneron and GSK

-Data compromised

⦿ full name, address, health diagnosis, medications, and prescriptions


⦿ Healthcare provider CentroMed, San Antonio, Texas, USA

-Data compromised

⦿ The names, addresses, dates of birth, medical and health information, insurance information, Social Security numbers, financial account information, and medical claims data of 400,000 patients


⦿ Imaging sensors manufacturer OmniVision, California, USA

-Data compromised

⦿ (from OmniVision): "personal information"; (from the hacking group): passport scans; nondisclosure agreements; contracts; confidential documents

One piece of good news 👍:

A 23-year-old Taiwanese man, Rui-Siang Lin, was charged with owning and operating the dark web narcotics marketplace Incognito Market. Incognito suddenly closed in March and the operator extorted all of its customers and vendors with fees of $100 to $20,000 to not publish information about their transactions. Mr Lin could face a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison

One final note:

The health and personal information has reportedly been published online following the ransomware attack on Australian medical prescriptions provider MediSecure (reported in last week's Incident Updates wk20 as "not known at this time")


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