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Cyber Security Incidents Updates wk19

Here’s your Cyber Security Incidents Update for wk19 2024

(a once-a-week on Monday glimpse into just a fraction of the Cyber Security events of the previous week to inform regarding the depth and breadth of the incidents world-wide)


⦿ City of Wichita, KANSAS, USA

-Data compromised

⦿ The city announced it had shut down its computer network after falling victim to a ransomware attack. This caused multiple problems including shutting off the WiFi and departure screens at the local airport to forcing all city-run organisations to revert to cash payments

(Oh dear, what would Dorothy say about this)


⦿ Ministry of Defence (MoD), UK

-Data compromised

⦿ Attackers breached the country’s MoD and gained access to part of the Armed Forces payment network. It is estimated that 270,000 payroll records have been exposed. This is believed to be an external system managed by a contractor that was completely separate from MoD’s core network, and had no connection to the main military HR system


⦿ Ohio State Lottery, Ohio, USA

-Data compromised

⦿ Employee and player information, including names, email and postal addresses, winnings, dates of birth, and social security numbers of 500,000 people

One piece of good news 👍:

Europol and law enforcement partners from Austria, Cyprus and Czechia dismantled an online cryptocurrency scam, resulting in the arrest of six Austrians allegedly behind the scheme

One final note:

(a follow up to Updates wk12)

Sensitive patient data stolen from NHS Dumfries and Galloway, including children’s mental health records, has been published by criminals demanding an extortion payment from the local health board


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