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Cyber Security Incidents Updates wk15

Here’s your Cyber Security Incidents Update for wk15 2024

(a once-a-week on Monday glimpse into just a fraction of the Cyber Security events of the previous week to inform regarding the depth and breadth of the incidents world-wide)


⦿ CVS Group, a leading UK provider of veterinary services

-Data compromised

⦿ Not known at this time but the company is dealing with an incident which caused "considerable operational disruption" at the business


⦿ Targus, a computer and tablet accessories maker headquartered in Anaheim, California, USA (I've had some their bags in the past, great quality)

-Data compromised

⦿ Not fully known at this time but the company disclosed that a threat actor gained access to the company's file servers (we all know what will be appearing in next week's update, don't we? 🤦‍♂️)


⦿ Group Health Cooperative, Wisconsin, USA

-Data compromised

⦿ The personal and protected health information including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, dates of death, Social Security numbers, and Medicare/Medicaid numbers of 530,000 individuals

One piece of good news 👍:

Nothing to see here this week (sorry 😔)

One final note:

In "Updates for wk14" Hoya Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lenses and other optical gear had an incident which affected some production plants and the ordering system for some products. At the time little else was known. Guess what! (it's an easy guess). It was the usual double extortion - exfiltrate data and deploy ransomware, in this case for a release fee of $10 million


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